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Taste the difference that fresh meat can make

Our meat and seafood selections are all sustainably and humanely sourced. Each cut of beef, chicken, pork, and seafood sold at Fields & Table is hand-cut and packaged upon order. Our butcher team ensures freshness without the use of chemicals or additives. At Fields & Table, what you see is truly what you get! We are committed to sourcing only the best meats, and our selection will vary. Frequently visit our updated catalog of products, and make sure to stop by to see what’s on the menu for your next meal!

We Have You Covered

Whether you are cooking for your family or preparing for a
special event, start with fresh meat

All-Natural Beef

USDA-prime and select cuts to Grass-fed, our beef selections come from sustainable cattle ranches.

All-Natural Chicken

With great taste and quality, our chicken selection will complement any meal.

All-Natural Pork

Our selection of pork products are perfect for any meal – without compromise.

Fresh Seafood

Enjoy our rotating selection of freshly-sourced seafood options.

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Not sure where to begin? We’ve got you covered with exciting recipes you will love

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